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The making of a fragrance

When developing new self-pampering essentials, certain characteristics, like the beautiful labelling and the silky texture, are essential. Another substantial element, which we put a lot of time and effort into, is designing the fragrance.

The first step towards developing a new fragrance is visiting our partner in Grasse, a world-famous perfume capital in the South of France. Here, we create the fragrance together with skilled perfumers that are trained to recognise hundreds of scents and compose them in just the right combination.

A fragrance consists of base notes, heart notes and top notes. Together, they make up the total character of a fragrance. When choosing notes and ingredients, it’s important to us that we use natural scents and essential oils made with love and respect for nature’s treasury.

Our products are made with love and respect for nature’s treasury. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its positive qualities, documented effects and natural fragrance.