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Kenya Book Box

The founder of Kenya Book Box, Ilse Christensen, believes reading is the first step to education
and a way out of poverty. 
That’s why she wants to help more children learn how to read.


The mission of Kenya Book Box is to establish small school libraries for children in Kibera – a very large slum with extreme poverty. This is made possible with the help of donations and by involvement from the local schools.

The books donated by Kenya Book Box are in Swahili and English, primarily by African authors, to reflect a reality the children can relate to. For each library, the aim is to collect approximately 400 books that vary in difficulty.

“Being able to read is one of the most important things in the world. It gives us the opportunity to form our own opinions and provide us with joy”

- Founder of Kenya Book Box, Ilse Christensen

Kenya Book Box / Society of Lifestyle

In an effort to establish more school libraries in Kibera, Society of Lifestyle stand with Ilse and Kenya Book Box by donating funds collected by our employees and by providing school supplies from Monograph.