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Honest options

With our Meraki Pure series, you get certified personal care products that consider health as well as the environment. Do you want to choose honest products? Then read about our Meraki Pure series right here...

Meraki Pure

Our wonderful Meraki Pure series consists of a range of certified body care products for the whole family that take your well being as well as environment into account.

With Meraki Pure, we want to make it easier for you to choose honest body care products. We do not think it is necessary for the customer to know everything about complex chemical compositions - we have already got that covered for you. The three certifications on the back of each of our Meraki Pure products ensure that all ingredients used in our products are carefully selected...

Honest options

Choosing the right skincare products is like navigating through a jungle, especially if you want to avoid harmful chemicals. With Meraki Pure, we are making it easier for the individual customers to choose the right products.

Skincare should not be difficult
The Meraki Pure series is an honest and transparent line of skincare products that you can trust. We have ensured this with the help of three small certifications that all carry monumental importance. Each Meraki Pure product is certified by the Asthma and Allergy association, the Nordic Swan Label and Ecocert Cosmos.

Wonderful products in beautiful packaging
When it comes to take care of the skin, we do not want the customer to compromise. Therefore, we have made an effort to create products which are both nourishing and effective. The Meraki Pure products have a pleasant and soft texture and come in a beautiful and simple packaging – products that also can be used as decorative products in your home.


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