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Why choose certified products?

Our Meraki Mini and Meraki Pure series contain certified care products. But why should your customers choose certified products? We will tell you more about it right here.

Do you also find it difficult to separate poor ingredients from the good? With an overwhelming quantity of options and ingredients it is very difficult to choose the right care products. By choosing the wrong products, you will be in risk of getting irritated, red and itchy skin – especially if you have a sensitive skin type. Some ingredients may release allergy – therefore, if you want to avoid that, you need to choose the certified care products.

Did you know… when a product is certified with the Danish the Asthma- & Allergy association, the Nordic Swan Label and Ecocert Cosmos, the ingredients are carefully chosen in order to protect you, your children and the environment. So, no more irritated skin and risk of allergy.


Contact allergy is the only allergy that can be prevented. The Blue Label ensures that the risk of allergy is minimised and that the products are free from perfume.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is only given to products that meet some of the strictest environmental and health requirements in the world.

Ecocert Cosmos ensures that your products are manufactured by environmentally friendly processes and that 95% of the total ingredients comes from natural origin.