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7 tips for an effective day at work

Do you have difficulties finding the perfect tools to make your working day more effective – then do not despair! Monograph has gathered some tips that can take part in making your workday more effective.

1. Structure your day

Find your notebook and jot down what tasks and to-dos you have to complete before the day is over. This way, you will be able to gain an overview of your day and you can check off your tasks as you finish them.


2. Prioritise your tasks

Some deadlines are more urgent than others and sometimes it can be difficult to remember which tasks need to be solved first. Make sure to write a specific date on your tasks so that you know which ones you have to prioritise.

Tip… Use a weekly or monthly calendar, where you can write small notes and messages to clarify why you have chosen to prioritise a task over another.

4. Set goals

Find focus and gain motivation by setting goals for the day. It may be that you have a task that you want to finish or a mindset that you want to change. No matter what your objectives for the day are, setting goals will help you to stay focused and increase your efficiency.

3. Organize your office

They say that your desk reflects the way you work – do we need to say more…

3. Organize your office

They say that your desk reflects the way you work – do we need to say more…

5. Empty your inbox

With an empty inbox, there is space for relaxation in your mind. Delete the e-mails that are not necessary and sort through the remaining e-mails and divide them into different categories and folders. Set a goal that your inbox should always be empty when the workday is over, so you are always ready to tackle a new day.

6. Planning

We have talked about structuring and prioritising tasks during the working day, but you should always keep in mind that unexpected must-dos do pop up during the day. That is why you should always plan your day so there is room for surprises.

7. Take time off work, when you are off work

It is super difficult to stay away from the phone when e-mails are still ticking in after the workday is over. For this reason, you should switch your phone, computer and other work-related devices off as soon as you get home from a long day. An effective working day requires a much needed break – remember that!