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Happy hands

The changing weather can be hard for both hands and nails. Extra care provides new energy to your skin and nails – and they will thank you for the extra pampering. Make your hands happy and pamper yourself with a wonderful result regardless of season and weather. Read more below where we will guide you to soft and well-groomed hands. 

1. Bath your hands

Put a ½ soap ball in a tub with hot water and let your hands rest in the water for about 10 minutes. The combination of shea butter and nourishing oils makes your hands extra soft.

2. Pamper your nails

Frayed cuticles can hurt. Therefore, it might be worth providing them with extra care. Wipe your hands after the bath and massage the cuticles with oil. The oil provides lots of moisture and is good for dry and frayed cuticles. Push the cuticles down with a small wooden pin and file the nails in a nice shape. 

3. Wrap your hands

Pamper your hands with extra moisture and care by use of the moisturising gloves from Meraki. Apply a thick layer of hand cream or hand lotion on the hands. Put on the gloves from Meraki and let the cream get absorbed in the skin. Keep the gloves on for about 30 minutes – your hands will love you for it!