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Time for creativity

To be creative with your hands can be meditative and nothing is cosier than releasing the creative thoughts in the dark winter months. By use of paintbrushes, paint, sketch books and marker pens, adults and children can explore their creativity together or alone at the writing table with wonderful music in the ears. At Monograph, we have gathered some different creative items which you can use to release your creative abilities. 

Paintbrushes & paint

Find your inner artist and grab paint and paintbrushes. Whether it is acrylic paint or water colours, you can mix and combine the wonderful shades – you can also frame it afterwards and hang it on the wall at home. 

Cutting mat & scalpel

A funny and different way to release your creative abilities is by cutting different patterns in paper. Especially if you want to make small ornaments or origami, a cutting mat and a scalpel is an easy way to specify your work. 

Coloured chalk & pencils

Something that everyone can do and relate to is colourful pencils and coloured chalk. Everything you need is a good block which you can go colour-crazy in. Colours make us happy and the same goes for releasing our creativity.