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Gift-wrapping for special occasions

Nothing is better than giving a personal gift for one of our loved ones. Therefore, we can once again introduce you for a new series of accessories for gift-wrapping that will impress the lucky recipient of the beautiful gift. Everyone deserves a personalised gift with a unique gift-wrapping – and the new series with glittering tape, funky gift-wrapping paper and elegant curling ribbon will take part in creating this. 

Curling ribbon & cards

Write a personal card and place it under a beautiful curling ribbon – it will keep it in place and provide your gift-wrapping with the last touch. A handwritten card can help express feelings in words on special occasions.


Tape does not have to be transparent and only a practical part of the gift wrapping. Make tape the festive part of the gift by adding a colour, a graphic look or lots of glitter.

Gift-wrapping paper

Make something extra out of your gift-wrapping by using colourful and creative gift-wrapping paper. You need to wrap up the gift anyway – so why not choose the gift-wrapping paper that will impress the most? With decorative gift-wrapping paper, you do not have to add much more in order to impress the lucky recipient.