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The bittersweet Gin & Tonic


Flavours are unleashed in this gin & tonic.
The pink peppercorns and thyme note from the tonic
come together to create a fine balance between the
bitter and the sweet elements. Adding a splash of
freshness, the orange juice rounds off the flavour. 
The tonic can be replaced with the Nicolas Vahé
ginger beer if you want to spice things up. 


2 cl Nicolas Vahé Syrup / ginger & thyme 
12 Nicolas Vahé Garnish / pink peppercorn 
1 tsp Nicolas Vahé Garnish / orange peel 
Ice cubes 
2 cl gin 
12 cl Nicolas Vahé Tonic 
2 slices of fresh, organic orange 
1 sprig of thyme 


Crush the pink peppercorns and put them in the
glass. Add syrup, orange peel and ice cubes. 
Pour in the gin, stir and top with tonic. Squeeze
in the orange juice and add the slices as garnish. 
Top it off with a sprig of thyme and stir. Drink and enjoy.