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The bitter Gin & Tonic


This gin and tonic packs a bitter punch.
The sharp juniper and pink peppercorns bring
out the quinine in the tonic. The result is a
flavour with a strong bitter grape bite. 
A flavour that grabs you and screams umami. 
Did we mention bitter? 


1.5 cl Nicolas Vahé Syrup / ginger & thyme 
12 Nicolas Vahé Garnish / pink peppercorn 
12 Nicolas Vahé Garnish / juniper berry 
Ice cubes 
2 cl gin 
12 cl Nicolas Vahé Tonic 
3 slices of fresh, organic lime 


Crush the pink peppercorns and juniper berries
to unleash the flavours. Put them in the glass,
mix with syrup and add ice cubes. 
Pour in the gin, stir and top with tonic. Squeeze
in the lime juice and add the slices as garnish.
Stir with a spoon. Drink and enjoy.