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3 fun games for your travel

Can you think of something better than spending time with your loved ones – relax and enjoy each other’s company with delicious snacks and a funny game. In this season, we at Monograph present three new games that can take part in gathering people at home and on vacation. Store the three small games in the drawer at home or bring it in your hand luggage on your next journey. Games can be used for any occasion and you can read more about the three games right here. 

Playing cards

If you want to bring loads of different games on your next vacation, playing cards is the perfect choice. Cards are indispensable on any vacation where it is time to relax and create cosy moments with your loved ones. 


Tic-tac-toe is a simple and strategic game with only 2 players.  

The game consists of a 3x3 square plate, whereupon each player places their coloured gaming piece by turns. The first player who is able to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row win.


The game, Domino, consists of 28 gaming pieces where each part has a number of eyes from zero to six. The many gaming pieces can be used for several different games, but usually, each player gets a number of gaming pieces which you place on the table by turns, so they match the eyes on the other available domino piece. The winner is the player who first gets rid of the gaming pieces. A complete set of rules is included.